Sugarprism is pleased to introduce an exciting new product for the world of baking and food art – Edible Food Paint! It is the world’s first pleasant tasting edible food paint that applies easily, dries fast, overlaps much like acrylic canvas paint and is easily washed from art utensils with water. Add another dimension to your love of beautiful food.

Edible Food Paint by Sugarprism is an easy to use, completely unique, fun art medium created by an artist for the expanding world of artists on all levels. It can be used with paint brushes, sponges, rollers, stamps, or any painting technique. These amazing paints can also be diluted with water and spritzed or airbrushed onto your edible creations.

Our wide range of vibrant colors are made from high grade FDA approved ingredients. It is a tasty alternative to the bitter and inefficient products currently available.

Sugarprism Edible Food Paint is easily applied to fondant, royal icing, meringue, buttercream, delicate wafer paper and macaron shells, confection or wherever your edible creativity so desires!